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Co-op – Printing Engineering

Printing Engineering

  1. Combining multiple tone mapping for HRD image[divider]
  2. To repair a section of the IDAB WAMAC
  3. The UV Technology In Sheet-fed offset Printing Machine
  4. The Retroflt of Numbering Machines Taiyo Tof500B
  5. The retrofit sheet-fed offset printingmachine New Grampus66
  6. Proactive maintenance of measuring heat
  7. Proactive maintenance
  8. Feeder unit for sheeter machine
  9. Embossing & Sticker Maker Machine
  10. Education and edit command Binder newspaper
  11. Design and construction the measurement height gripper pad
  12. Design and build components for bath lubrication
  13. Desigh and Construction paper rewinder machine
  14. Creating Grease roller bearing pedestal cranes
  15. Create automatic core cutters
  16. Flow simulation and analysis of plastics in injection molding of tourniquet[
  17. Delivery gripper balancing equipment for sheet fed offset press
  18. Fusion tone mapping for HDR images

2017 /2560



This research studied color prediction model from spectral data for inkjet printing system based on the estimation of spectral reflectance data. The training set was included of red, green and blue digital color values with ink densities (0, 0.13, 0.25, 0.38, 0.5, 0.63, 0.75, 0.88 and 1, respectively). Using the Kubelka-munk theory approach, the relationship between the spectral reflectance data and RGB digital color values was established. The relationship between the calculated absorption coefficients (K) and the RGB color by digital values. The accuracy of color prediction model was investigated using a test set. The results showed that the accuracy of spectral data prediction the E*ab (mean color difference) were 2.44, 2.61.and 2.44, respectively under A, D65 and F11 illumination and no chance of illuminant metamerism.

KEYWORDS: color prediction model, color difference

Areerat Pathomchaiwal
Department of Printing Engineering
Faculty of Engineering
Siam University
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Printing Engineering