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Graduate School – Master of Law

Graduate School – Master of Law

2016 /2559

1. The right to assistance in Criminal cases from lawyers problems on the duty solicitor system and adoption of public defense system

2. The measures to relieve damage resulting from smoke cigarettes through a smoke cigarette compensation fund

3. The legal measure of geographical indication for protection community knowledge - a case study on Civet coffee products

2017 /2560

1. Legal Measure for purchaser protection in sale of domestic dogs and cats Title : Legal Measure for purchaser protection in sale of domestic dogs and cats


          This thesis, Legal Measure for purchaser protection in sale of domestic dogs and cats, aims to set standard of the professionals selling domestic dogs and cats, and settle their liability in accordance with specific law. Such special law law aims to define liability of pet dogs and cat seller shall have provisions of burden of proof of seller, information disclosure, guarantees for losses on old dogs and cats. Then, the special law shall be defensive measure to avoid any problems caused by sale of domestic dogs and cats.According to the research, I found that there is no specific consumer protection law for sale of pets. The currently existing consumer protection law is enforced to protect a buyer on loss of general goods. However, pets, like dogs and cats, are different from other goods. Because they are living creatures with emotional response, which can affect the buyer’s emotion. When there is any damage caused, the buyer will need the diverse ways to cope with such damage, which may be various up to the purchaser’s emotion. In contrary, the current law gives the right to the judge to consider and determine for such damage. Moreover, there’s still no any clear measure to settle the liability to business man, and enough defensive measure to control pets selling business. It is different from many states in United States which provide specific consumer protection law for the buyer (Puppy Lemon Law), focusing on buyer’s right protection and increasing bargaining power for claim of ill pets. Furthermore, there also are defensive measures, enforcement of guarantees of pets’ health, and clear liability of business man. The author has been researched Puppy Lemon Law of California state and New Jersey state to compare, analyst and conclude the ways to solve the problems existing in Thai Law.The author suggests that the specific law should be legislated to separate the protection of purchases of pet dogs and cats form of other goods. The detail in such law shall be including liability of business man as professional, burden of proof borne to business man, buyer’s right to select remedy action, and pet’s healthcare before selling, clear liability of business man for violation of the law.

Keywords: Domestic cats and dogs, Customer Protection Laws, Sale of cats and dogs

By : Miss Warintorn Waree | Degree : Master Degree of Law | Major Field : Private and Business Law | Thesis Advisor : Associate Professor Dr. Tavephut Sirisakbanjong

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Graduate School – Master of Law