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Motion graphic products of Thai Techno Glass Limited

Project Title  :  Motion graphic products of Thai Techno Glass Limited

By                     :  Miss Sunisa cheouinta

Advisor          :  Mr.Narongrit Sukonthasnig

Degree           :  Information Technology

Major             :  Business Computer

Faculty          :  Information Technology

Semester / Academic year   :  3 /2559


Thai Techno Glass Co., Ltd. is manufacturer and distributor of tempered glass Interior mirror. This company has been invented and developed innovative product called BUGBEAT. This BUGBEAT product is sell by reseller and website. So this product is not very well known. The Objective of Motion graphic product of Thai Techno Glass Co., Ltd. project is to introduce new alternative products include BUGBEAT PEPBLE STONE and BUGBEAT CHALOM STONE. This project increase the channel to promote the company This project started with data collection, then analyze and design this system. This project used an Adobe Illustrator CS6 to design characters and used Adobe Flash Professional CS6 to create animations.

Keywords:  Character design, Motion Graphics, Product suggestion