The Study of Trans-Culture Management with Brand Business

Last modified: October 26, 2019
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Project Title  : The Study of Trans-Culture Management with Brand Business
By                  :  Wang Zizi
Advisor         :  Assistant Professor Ching-Fang Chi
Degree          :  International Master in Business Administration
Major             :  Business Administration
Faculty          :  Graduate School
Academic year   :  2017


The Walt Disney Company’s brand management had already formed a set integrated and mature system after near hundred-year development. Meanwhile, TWDC to use its own brand effect unceasingly to the overseas market expansion which has to build a Disney theme park in Japan, Tokyo, Paris, Hong Kong, Shanghai successively. There is no denying that the overseas market brings the economic interest continuously to Disney, however, at the same time it also let TWDC face with a series of questions. And the most obvious is the Trans-Culture conflict question which the overseas market faced. Along with Shanghai Disneyland’s beginning, public interest in Shanghai Disneyland has gradually increased. This paper will analyze the whole world state of operation, experience and lesson of Disney to obtain a comprehensive and objective management development strategy of Shanghai Disneyland.

Keywords: Disneyland, Theme Park, Brand Management.


The Study of Trans-Culture Management with Brand Business

International Master of Business Administration (IMBA), Siam University, Thailand

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