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Impacts of climate change on human security in Thailand

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Project Title: Impacts of climate change on human security in Thailand
Author: Ulla-Maria Liisa Vested
Advisor: Associate Professor Dr. Tatree Nontasak
Degree: Master of Arts
Major: Peace Studies and Diplomacy
Faculty: Graduate Schools
Academic year: 2017


Vested, Ulla-Maria Liisa. (2017). Impacts of climate change on human security in Thailand. (Master’s thesis). Bangkok: Siam University.


As climate change impacts such as sea-level rise, droughts and floods can pose a threat to human security in Thailand, this research asks what kinds of challenges does climate change pose to Thailand and how will those challenges affect human security. Climate change is a well-researched topic but previous work has failed to address it through the lens of human security. This research aims to underline that climate change is not only an environmental problem, but can affect societies in larger scale. The methodology used in this research involved documentary research supplemented by three expert interviews. The findings of this research confirm that climate change impacts can affect human security of the Thai population by destroying the crops, real estate and infrastructure. It is recommended for Thailand to spread awareness of environmental issues, continue regional co-operation with ASEAN, and invest in research in order to enhance mitigation and adaptation measures. Thailand should also prepare for climate related migration in the future.

Keywords:  climate change, human security, Thailand.

Impacts of climate change on human security in Thailand

Master of Arts in Peace Studies and Diplomacy, Siam University, Bangkok, Thailand