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Promotion of Flower Tour in Europe

Project Title  :  Promotion of Flower Tour in Europe
By                   :  Siwaporn Sutprasert, Kewarin Sakulpoolkitti, Ms.Prenpree Poosirikoolrat
Advisor          :  Ms.Prenpree Poosirikoolrat
Degree           :  Bechelor of Arts in Tourism Studies
Major             :  Tourism Studies
Faculty          :  Liberal Arts
Semester / Academic year   :  2 /2016


This research aims to gain a better understanding of “Promotion of Flower Tour in Europe” by identifying weaknesses and reasons why the tour package performed poorly in terms of sales. 1) To study tourist information on the flower route. 2) To study the marketing promotion issues of the flower tour. 3) To study the opinions of Thai tourists on the flower tour. 4) To develop marketing for flower tour. This study and collected data from Funny Holiday Trip Co., Ltd. and tourists who are interested in Flower Tour. This is Qualitative Research and using In- Depth Interview (IDI). Results of the study were collected from 18 participants. Since the author of the report performed the duties as an interns at Funny Holiday Trip Co., Ltd. problems of this tour, which sold less than other tours were identified. Having collected information and interviewed subjects for results and developed Promotion of Flower Tour in Europe. Implementing a marketing strategy (8 P’s Strategy) with a mixture of marketing included consist of 1) Product Strategy 2) Price Strategy 3) Place Strategy 4 )Promotion Strategy 5) Packaging Strategy 6) Personal Strategy 7) Public Relation Strategy 8) Power Strategy.

The results showed the product have to change the itinerary for increased sales and meet demand of the customer as much as possible. Product strategy must be consistent with price strategy and quality. If we adjust the suitability of the tour both in terms of location and price, it will be more reliable. The promotion strategy (Promotion Strategy) should have something special for the customer, for example including the famous local food to make tour more interesting. It also helps companies reduce cost.


Keywords:  Flower tour.

Promotion of Flower Tour in Europe

Faculty of Liberal Arts, Siam University, Thailand