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Research on Competitive Strategy of JD Group

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Project Title: Research on Competitive Strategy of JD Group
Author: Mr.Fan Tianjun
Advisor: Dr.Teerachote Phongtaveewut
Degree: Master of Business Administration
Major: International Business
Faculty: Graduate Schools
Academic year: 2018


Fan Tianjun. (2018). Research on Competitive Strategy of JD Group. (Independent study, Master of Business Administration). Bangkok: Siam University.


In recent years, China’s e-commerce industry has witnessed rapid development, continuous innovation of business models and increasing influence. People’s consumption behavior and consumption mode are also changing gradually. Consumers can easily enjoy the new consumption experience of technology and logistics at home by purchasing the goods they need online. In particular, in May 2015, the state council of China issued the “opinions on vigorously developing e-commerce and accelerating new economic drivers”. The opinion points out that e-commerce has stimulated potential consumer demand in China and opened up new channels. Creating new ways for people to find jobs and increase their personal income. At the same time, e-commerce is accelerating integration with traditional manufacturing industries to promote sustainable development of the service industry. Transformation and upgrading has given birth to many emerging forms and has provided unprecedented opportunities for mass entrepreneurship and innovation in China. Therefore, e-commerce enterprises are emerging and developing rapidly, and the competition among e-commerce enterprises is becoming increasingly fierce.

This article is based on Jingdong Group, China’s largest Internet company, the largest online retailer and the overall best retailer. Based on the current situation of China’s e-commerce industry, the PEST analysis model, Porter’s five-force model and SWOT analysis model are used to analyze the macro environment, industry environment and strategic environment of Jingdong Group. In order to understand the various elements of the Jingdong Group’s competitive strategy and how it serves the Jingdong Group’s competitive strategy,the existing competitive strategy is summarized and improved. By seizing the opportunities of various technological innovations and upgrades in the Internet era, combined with competitive advantages of Jingdong Group, and avoiding threats from the competition, we will finally realize their strategic goal of “becoming the most trustworthy company in the world”, through the strategy of fostering strengths and avoiding shortcomings.


Keywords:  Competitive strategy,JD group;PEST,Porter’s five-force,SWOT.

Research on Competitive Strategy of JD Group

Master of Arts in Peace Studies and Diplomacy, Siam University, Bangkok, Thailand