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Enterprise asset record system

Project Title  :  Enterprise asset record system
By                   :  Mr.Yaiyatham Emjai, Mr.Eak Bamrungsi
Advisor          :  Mr.Eak Bamrungsi
Degree           :  Bachelor of Science
Major             :  Computer Science
Faculty          :  Science
Semester / Academic year   :  3 /2017


Unicord Public Co., Ltd. has a concept to create a Web-based enterprise asset management system to meet the needs of users working to save time working. The web system records the assets of the organization, helping to check the property code by each row. However, when the Web stores this information, it makes it possible to reduce the time to several times and be more precise than the data key itself and when the save is done. It found that data can be uploaded to the database with the company’s web and show information about everything on the company’s website correctly.

Keywords:  Enterprise asset record system, Check the property code, Check equipment computer.

Enterprise asset record system

Faculty of Science, Siam University, Thailand