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Analysis of memreactance with fractional kinetics (SCOPUS)

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Research Article: Analysis of Memreactance with Fractional Kinetics
Author: Rawid Banchuin
Department/Faculty Graduate Schools of IT, Siam University, Bangkok 10160
Published: Mathematical Problems in Engineering (Impact Factor 1.179)


Banchuin, R. (2020). Analysis of memreactance with fractional kinetics. Mathematical Problems in Engineering, 2020, Retrieved from


In this work, the analysis of the memreactance, i.e., meminductor and memcapacitor, with fractional-order kinetics has been proposed. The meminductances, memcapacitances, and related parameters due to both DC and periodic input waveforms have been derived. The behavioral analysis has been thoroughly performed with the aid of numerical simulation. The effects of fractional-order kinetics have been explored where both linear and nonlinear dopant drift scenarios have been considered. Moreover, the emulation of memreactance with fractional-order kinetics by using the memristor and the effect of the fractional-order kinetics on the memreactance-based circuits have also been mentioned along with the extension of our results to the fractional-order memreactance.


Analysis of memreactance with fractional kinetics

Graduate Schools, Siam University, Bangkok, Thailand