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Web Application, fishPrices

Project Title  :  Web Application, fishPrices
By                   :  Chatree Manatphainlert, Sattapong Promduangdee, Mr.Eak Bamrungsi
Advisor          :  Mr.Eak Bamrungsi
Degree           :  Bachelor of Science
Major             :  Computer Science
Faculty          :  Science
Semester / Academic year   :  3 /2017


Fish Marketing Organization, software solution provider, has the idea to develop fishPrices Web application for check price of aquatic animals. This application will help to save working hours. The customers can check the price of aquatic animals by themselves. There are many other options such as Check the price of aquatic animal, view the address of the organization, add and edit aquatic animel prices. We brought the software to meet the needs of the target audience successFully.

Keywords:  Aquatic animal price, Organization, Fish Marketing Organization, Aquatic animal.

Web Application, fishPrices

Faculty of Science, Siam University, Thailand