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Online comment information on consumer purchasing decisions

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Project Title: Online comment information on consumer purchasing decisions
Author: Mr. Bangren Wang
Advisor: Assistant Professor Ching-Fang Chi
Degree: Master of Business Administration
Major: Business Administration
Faculty: Graduate Schools
Academic year: 2017


Wang, Bangren. (2017). Online comment information on consumer purchasing decisions. (Master’s independent study). Bangkok: Siam University.


In the rapid development of the Internet, mobile payment gradually into people’s daily life, among them, the number of users of mobile phone users accounted for more than 90%, consumers have gradually formed the use of mobile phones to pay the line under the consumer habits. In view of the rapid development of the Internet, especially the mobile phone payment, the competition of the major electric power platforms has also entered the state of white fever. How to break through the shackles of the traditional promotion framework, and strive for more consumers to become the focus of the major electric and network retailers. According to the report of the international renowned research institutions, more than 90% of consumers in the selection of goods or services before the Internet to browse the relevant products or services comments, whether the choice of online or offline consumption, this conclusion is established. Therefore, the text chooses the consumer to be familiar with very high “clothing” as the survey product, the investigation of college students and young people who have just graduated soon, from the point of view of online commentary information features, is to study the impact of their decision-making on consumers ‘ purchase, thus helping enterprises to attract more customers more efficiently.

Starting from seven dimensions of online comment information, seven dimensions include not only the more common feature variables (valence, length, quantity, quality and type) of online comment information, but also the study of relatively few feature variables (presentation form and timeliness), Then we explore the effect of the seven-dimension variables on the consumer’s final purchase decision. In order to satisfy the research goal and the need of testing the research hypothesis, this research is based on the theory analysis, and uses the empirical research method, not only from the qualitative analysis angle, but also from the quantitative analysis aspect, has carried on the research to the related question. First, through the past related literature reading and finishing summary, to draw up the expert interview outline; second, through small-scale group interviews and depth interview methods to form a preliminary questionnaire; third, a small range of online electronic version of the form of questionnaires in advance research, The reliability Analysis and validity analysis (factor analysis) of the sample data collected by the pre-research survey, according to the analysis result of SPSS statistical analysis software, delete the unreasonable title item, revise the question item which needs to be optimized, get the final version of the questionnaire; The formal questionnaire survey is through the online electronic version of questionnaires and offline paper version of the form of the simultaneous distribution of questionnaires, to obtain an effective questionnaire of 310, in line with the basic requirements of the questionnaire survey method.

The research model of this paper relates to the variables of seven dimensions of online comment information features, after analyzing the collected sample questionnaire data, it is found that the five variables have significant effect on the dependent variables except the comment length and the timeliness, and the validity of the model and the hypotheses of the research are verified.

Keywords:  online comments, information characteristics, consumer behavior, buying decisions.

Online comment information on consumer purchasing decisions

International Master in Business Administration (IMBA), Siam University, Bangkok, Thailand

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