Study on Methods for Human Resources Management of Enterprise Based on Information Technology

Last modified: January 30, 2022
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Project Title: Study on Methods for Human Resources Management of Enterprise Based on Information Technology
Author: He Liu
Advisor: Ass. Professor. Ching-Fang Chi
Degree: Master of Business Administration
Major: International Master of Business Administration
Faculty: Graduate Schools
Academic year: 2017


He, Liu. (2017). Study on methods for human resources management of enterprise based on information technology. (Master’s independent study). Bangkok: Master in Business Administration, Siam University.


In the era of knowledge economy, knowledge is the fundamental source of enterprise development, and people as the master of knowledge, the status of enterprises in the increasingly important. Traditional personnel management, whether in the management philosophy or system, or in the management methods are unable to adapt to the “people-oriented” management philosophy and increasing competition pressure, the need for radical change and innovation. Especially in the process of enterprise information construction, how to effectively implement the human resource management reform, and thus to protect the operation of enterprise human resources management mechanism to enhance the performance of enterprise management has become an important research content of modern enterprise human resource management reform. On the basis of absorbing the relevant research results at home and abroad, this paper makes a thorough analysis on the human resource management system and method of information technology and how to implement the modern human resource management concept and apply it to enterprise practice.

This paper firstly analyzes the relevant theories of human resource management informatization, and discusses the concept and connotation of human resource management informatization. And then discuss the current situation of human resources in Novo Nordisk, the company, the human resources management functions are not perfect, human resources management and business process standardization needs to be improved at all levels of modern human resources management needs to be strengthened, training status is not ideal, human resources Management means relatively backward, performance appraisal system is imperfect, job management efficiency is low, so Novo Nordisk on human resources management information construction to a strong demand. On the basis of this, this paper puts forward the human resource management method based on information technology, puts forward the solution of human resource informationization, analyzes the demand of human resource information system from the aspects of staff demand, human resource needs and decision-making needs. Analysis of the specific information technology solutions, and ultimately in the practical application of good results.

Keywords: informatization, human resources, demand.

Study on Methods for Human Resources Management of Enterprise Based on Information Technology

International Master in Business Administration (IMBA), Siam University, Bangkok, Thailand

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