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The Glimpse of technicality in an industrial corporation

Last modified: July 20, 2021
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Project Title: The Glimpse of technicality in an industrial corporation
Author: Mr. Nawaraj Nepal
Advisor: Dr. Parham Porouhan
Degree: Bachelor of Business Administration (International Program)
Major: Finance and Banking
Faculty: Business Administration
Semester / Academic year: 2/2017


Nepal, Nawaraj. (2017). The Glimpse of technicality in an industrial corporation. (Cooperative Education). Bangkok: Siam University.


This internship is conducted at Siam Industrial Company Limited, which is widely known as a company for trading machinery and industrial products with high quality of service in both installation and maintenance of the equipment. During my internship program, my study was focused on supplier selection process and documentation management practices deployed by the company. The underlying purpose of this analysis was to get familiar with the industrial practice in Thailand and to apply the theoretical knowledge and concepts taught in the classroom into real life day to day situations and scenarios. There is lack of suppliers for the raw materials for making the industrial equipment. In order to address the problem, I was assigned to look for the suppliers in the market. I used internet as a tool to research about the steel manufacturers from Thailand as well as from various other countries. Internet and E-mail was my tool for research on the supplier selection. The collected data was interpreted through observation as well as qualitative basis. Based on the interpreted data it is found that the formal communication skill is a important factor to consider while presenting the company to another company. Through this internship I have learned that the formal use of communication would make it easier to increase the networking provide precise information to the receiver. I understood that discipline is a key to respect between the co workers and organizational ethics plays a pivotal role in organizational reputation.

Keywords: industrial procedures, industrial culture, discipline, organizational ethics, formal communication.

The Glimpse of technicality in an industrial corporation

Faculty of Business Administration, Siam University, Bangkok, Thailand

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