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Analysis of COVID Insurance at Himalayan General Insurance Co. Ltd

Developing Marketing Strategy for Mero network Pvt. Ltd.

Business development and Sales tracking in Order Sathi

A Study of Inventory Management System in B&B enterprises: A garment trading company

Market study to establish a new car brand in Nepal: Borgward

Strategies of Lead Generation of Banks-A case of Everest Bank

Study on Content Marketing at Global Media Solution

Embracing Innovation: Conducting International Virtual Internships and Trainings at Nepal Realistic Solution Pvt. Ltd

Handling Customer-care Department in Sunrise Bank, Nepal

Human Resource Practices at Codewing Solutions

Managing Human Resource Department at B&B Hospital Pvt. Ltd.

Business Development in a Nepali Startup: Inside Nochini

Maintaining Customer Relationship and Marketing during Covid-19 Pandemic

Building Brand Relationships at MIC for Youths

Public Pension Reporting and Disclosure

Marketing communication in Pioneer Moto Pvt. Ltd. – an automobile company

*Pending ไม่มี bookmarks Managing expansion modalities and profile building for projects at Industry

*Pending ไม่มี bookmarks และ Ref. ไม่ถูกต้อง Implementation Support to Bagmati River Basin Improvement Project

*Pending ไม่มี bookmarks Consumer’s behavior towards life insurance

*Pending ไม่มี bookmarks Consumer Behavior and Search Engine Optimization in the Airlines Industry