Graduate School – M.A. (Communication Arts)

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Graduate School – M.A. (Communication Arts)

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            The purposes of this research are to understand the characteristics of trans-communication process in each form of the king’s writing “Klai Baan” , and to figure out the transformations of communication elements which occurred in trans-communication. Data were collected by qualitatively ; observing the messages in Klai Baan both in the form of literature and television food documentary program , besides , the depth-interviewing from key informants ; the specialist in language and literature , and the producer of television program.
The study found that the trans-communication of Klai Baan was presented in three steps. The first step is communication in the form of the king’s letter by written medium. Subsequently, the king’s writing letters were transformed into the form of book by printing technology , and the final step , the topic about food which was presented in the book was brought to produce in the form of television food program. All three steps of trans-communication showed the changes of communication elements in which the preceding medium was become the message in the next medium. The new-created messages show various forms of trans-textuality as the result of the determination from the media characteristics and the communication context. Moreover, the trans-communication reveals the convergence of media which have different characteristics holding together in the form of symbiosis. Furthermore, there are the changes in communication elements’ status ; communicators and communication context. This displays that communication elements determines their characteristics each other, and creates the meaning in Klai Baan, collaboratively.

By : Mr.Yuttana Suwannarat / Degree : Master of Arts / Thesis Advisor : Dr.Sirichai Sirikaya


The objective of this study is to find the use of code in the construction of meaning of LINE Stickers which was used in interpersonal communication. The data were collected by qualitative method through analyzing the top five popular LINE Stickers series along with interviewing from the creators.

The study found that the meaning of all five line stickers series were constructed by visual media which applied iconic and index signs to constitute the cartoon characters for facial expressions and gestures, and symbolic signs in the form of text media to constitute the informal language for communicating in each situation. The main content of LINE stickers is maintaining and repairing personal relationships which are various depending on relations. Moreover, social and cultural contexts, also, had effects on LINE Stickers creation.

The study also found that the content of LINE Stickers overlap and alter in different ways relating to interpretation of communicators and contexts which predominated that communication.

Keyword: Code, Sticker line

By: Somkiat Sriphech

Degree: Master of Arts

Thesis Advisor: Associate Professor Dr.Sirichai Sirikaya



Graduate School – M.A. (Communication Arts)

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