Topics: Ph.DP.IT

ปรัชญาดุษฎีบัณฑิต สาขาวิชาเทคโนโลยีสารสนเทศ Ph.D.-Doctor of Philosophy in Information Technology (International Program)




The SDE Based Stochastic Analysis of Active Filter

On the Application of Fractional Derivatives to the Study of Memristor Dynamics

The FDE Based Time Domain Analysis of Nonzero Input/Nonzero Damping Ratio Fractional Order Biquadratic System

The Stochastic Analysis of OTA-C Filter

Time Dimensional Consistency Aware Analysis of Voltage Mode and Current Mode Active Fractional Circuits

An Extensive Tensor Algebraic Model of Transformer

On the Dimensional Consistency Aware Fractional Domain Generalization of Simplest Chaotic Circuits

Analysis of memreactance with fractional kinetics

The time dimensional measurability aware FDE based analysis of active circuit in the fractional domain

Effects of parasitic fractional elements to the dynamics of memristor

On The Fractional domain Generalization of Memristive Parametric Oscillators

An SDE based Stochastic Analysis of Transformer

Pattern discovery, visualization and interaction data analytics in a process-aware multi-tabletop collaborative learning environment

Comprehensive Analytical Models of Random Variations in Subthreshold MOSFET’s High-Frequency Performances

Probabilistic Modelling of Variation in FGMOSFET Devices

Alpha Power Law Based Model of Random Variation in Nanometer FGMOSFET