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Co-op Information Technology – IT

2014 /2557

1. 3D Animation: Siam University Guide Book by Augmented Reality


The purpose of project is to design and develop 3D Animation for Siam University Guide Book. This project will be the manual book for Siam University students and students who are willing to study at Siam University. This project will be developed by using Autodesk 3ds Max 2009 program together with Android operating system applications by using Unity3D 5.5.0f1 tools. This project will have details of each course of each faculty in order to working in various professions. The user will be given more insight into the curriculum information.

Keyword: 3D Animation/ Guide Book/ Siam University

By : Mr. Pichet Krueklai, Mr. Ronnachai Sonsong, Mr. Phatcharot Sirachaiyasit, Mr. WithawatBunyaratto / Advisor : Mr. Nitinai Phaisanpayak / Program : Bachelor of Science / B.E. 2557

Fulltext : Click here

2016 /2559

1. The Notification of Lost and Found System in Siam University based on Android Platform


The objective of this project is to develop the notification of lost found system in Siam University based on android platform. This application can help users to find building, lecturer and lost thing easier. Firstly, gathering problems and requirements from lecturers and students. Android studio 1.5.1, Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 is used for developing and Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 work as DBMS. Moreover, we made a survey for of user satisfaction by choosing 15 persons and the result shows that the application design and usability is a good level.

Keywords: Android/ Siam University/ Smart Phone

By : Mr. Tammanoon Karnchuchor, Miss Chanyaphat Sirachaiyasit, Mr. Thanan Meepalang / Advisor : Miss Punyapas Chawaratthanarungsri / Program : Bachelor of Science / Field of Study : Information Technology / B.E. 2559

2. Telemedicine for Intervention Cardiology


The purpose of this project was to study Telemedicine for Intervention Cardiology for foster mutual exchange of knowledge and innovation in the field of distance learning and medical education. The objectives are create and expand a network of collaborative services for education and distance medicine. This project was created by using Polycom HDX 8000, Polycom group 700, Switcher Sony Anycast station ,DAC70,Converter HDMI to SDI 4K, and Powered mlxer. It is a hard-ware device used to set up a connection for transmitting and receiving audio and video data for transmitting telemedicine. The result showed that Treatment is based on the cooperation of medical personnel from different locations, but can be treated together. It is a technology that reduces the time of an individual’s limited physician and reduce travel expenses and also decision making in the treatment of patients with the convenience and efficiency.
It is especially useful for people who want to learn how to install technical equipment or need knowledge about software and hardware. The operation of the network is due to the testing and operation of the actual situation.

Keywords: Cardiac surgery/ Telemedicine/ medical technologies distance

3. Soldier’s House Management Systems (SHMS)


The purpose of this dissertation is to increase and to decrease the efficiency Soldier’s House Management Systems (SHMS) for making the faster process and decreasing the data loss. The SHMS was developed by Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 and Microsoft SQL Server 2008 for managing. These systems can adjust and develop how to The SHMS by calculating the point and allocating the availability of dormitory including provides the facilities and flexibility in work.

Keywords: To decrease the data loss, House Solider Management Systems

By : Mr. Sorapong Sakchaisit, Mr. Kittisak Chodvijit, Mr. Wuttisak Sakdawutikai, Mr. Davud Thammatharee / Advisor : Miss Nittaya Kerdyam / Program : Bachelor of Science / Field of Study : Information Technology / B.E. 2559

4. Computer Aided Instruction Teens Know The Sexual Harassment


This study is to create the computer aided instruction: Teens Know The Sexual Harassment. This innovation use the idea of watching cartoon movies especially the children who usually watch movies on internet or official websites. That is mean we can control the story and content of the movies. Computer Aided Instruction warn everybody to live more carefully to get the better life. The audiences can learn then can teach another people such as children, teenagers or any persons. This project used Adobe Flash Professional CS5.5 to create the animation of the movie. To show the prevention of the early sexual in youth.

Keywords: Animation/ Computer Aided Instruction (CAI)/ Harassment

By : Mr. Jirayut Pomsore, Mr. Varothai Runganothaikhajork, Mr. Kanokorn Cheysuwan / Advisor : Miss Nittaya Kerdyam / Program : Bachelor of Science / Field of Study : Information Technology / B.E. 2559

2017 /2560

1. Bicycle Buying Decision Support System for Beginner Website


The objective of this project was designed and developed website for beginner cyclists. This project deployed to decision support for buying bike to fit their shape. This project was created by using Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 for design and development website and the language used in development of C# and database management system is Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2. The result showed that was tools to decision support for buying bike as well and add channels of information for beginner cyclists.

Keywords : Bike / Decision Support System / Software Development

By : Mr. Nontawat Satitwattananon, Mr.Nutthawut Yeamnet / Advisor : Mr.Unnop Kangkan / Program : Bachelor of Science / Field of Study : Information Technology / B.E. 2560
Fulltext : Click here

2. Animation 2D Stop! Teen Mom


The purpose of this project was to develop an Animation 2D Stop! Teen Mom which is focused on premarital sex prevention. Nowadays, teenagers express their love by having sex before the appropriate age without prevention. Because of this teenage pregnancy problem which affects the family and society problem, abortion problem, child abandonment problem, school dropout problem and so on. The ranges of ages are high school and university students. This project was created by using Adobe Illustrator CS6 and Adobe Photoshop CS6 which design the characters of the animation, using Anime Studio Pro 8 which do the animation, using Adobe Premiere CS5 which edit the animation, and using Audacity 2.1.2 which edit and change the volume of the animation. This animation can help teenagers to learn the prevention of unwanted pregnancy and the prevention of premarital sex easily.

Keywords: Animation/Pregnancy/Teen

By : Miss. Nuttida Suhongsa, Miss. Yardfon Ponchai, Miss. Janyaporn Duangchaowna / Advisor : Mrs. Pasakorn Thananan / Program : Bachelor of Science / Field of Study : Information Technology / B.E. 2560

Fulltext : Click here

3. IT Service Requirement System (ISRS)


This cooperative project focuses on IT Service Requirement System (ISRS).
The objectives of this project are to help users to report IT problems and monitor the operation status. By default, IT support technician will walk-in investigated problems with user’s computer. That was difficult to contact the user. This system can search, add, remove and save data into the database. It is found that users can know the operation status and IT support technician can follow his tasks easily. All design and development are powered by Microsoft Visual Basic and manages the database by Microsoft Office Access software.

Keywords : Computer Problem / Fixed Computer / Report The Problem

4. Installation and Server Administration Guide Website


The objective of this Installation and Server Administration Guide Website is to help facilitate the work. Researcher had collected data and developed website by using Edit Plus Version 4.0 and managed data using MySQL Version 5.7. This project can help the users to operate their duties. It provides the interactive between the users and the system. This website allows users to login and adds the operation topic via the system. This project found to be useful for users to retrieve information easily and help reduce the missing data that is stored in database system.

Keywords : Installation / Database system / Server Administration

5. Inventory Counting System on Handheld


The objective is to develop a inventory counting system on handheld to increase the accuracy of the data and reduce the organization time to run smoothly. Researchers conducts research on information about inventory systems and handheld from websites and manuals. Then began to study the operation of the inventory systems. This Project design and development by using Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 and Microsoft Sql Server Management Studio 2008 r2 and using OOP (Object Oriented Programming) programming. This project can only specify the item count, report counting details, report product summary count, compare with available inventory and work both online and offline system. This project can work effectively, and facilitate the rapid operation of the organization.

Keyword: Inventory, Mobile computer, Product inspection

6. Motion Graphics Cyber security threats


The operation of the Small and Medium Enterprise Development Bank of Thailand is involved in the business of assisting, supporting, developing, promoting and supporting the establishment, operations, and expansion by providing collateral loan, joint investment, financial support, advices to Thai entrepreneurs. Researchers aim to develop motion graphic about Cyber security threats on mobile that users are aware of the social media and safety in the use of the information device within the bank. This project was designed using Adobe Illustrator CS4, Adobe Flash CS4, and Adobe Sound booth CS4. As a result, users were aware of the social media and the knowledge of the bank information devices.

Keyword : Cell Phone/Motion graphic/Security

7. Application for Closed-circuit television (Android)


Kratos Co., Ltd., in cooperation with Box & Co Co., Ltd., has recognized the importance of developing applications to facilitate the use of condominiums. It serves the needs of condominium services. Researcher has developed a program to watch CCTV. To increase the safety of condominiums, the program developed by using Android Studio v.2.3.3. This application can monitor CCTV directly from the application. It is found that application can save images and video from CCTV and allow users a greater convenience of checking residence efficiently.

Key words: Android / CCTV / Condominium

8. Technology Motion Graphic of Beacon Technology


This project is designed to explain the use of technology called Beacon Technology. Those who are interested in using this technology can understand the capabilities of Beacon Technology. The study, data collection, and analysis were designed to use Adobe Illustrator CS6 and Adobe After Effects CS6. The project presented the technology called Beacon which is animation 2D dimension and can explain to people who are interested in technology beacon more easily.

Keywords : Animation/Beacon/Graphics

9. System Manage Equipment Inventory of Department Information


The purpose of this study was to develop a process of recordings computer usage from offline system to online system. The new system useful for user for correcting and accessing data. Adobe Dreamweaver CS5 and PHP were used for web developing and Microsoft SQL Server 2008 database management. As the result, This website make were efficiency in workflow not only accuracy but also user satisfaction.

Keywords: System Manage Equipment Inventory/ Golden Jubilee Medical Center/Checking deviced status

10. System Visual Private Network


Adda Footware(Thailand) Co.,Ltd. is a footware manufacturer and distributor.There are three types of shoes ADDA Products :for children’s shoes, ADDA MEN shoes and ADDA WOMEN for women. These shoes are designed to have more lightweight and durable.There are some problem about connecting on computer between inside and outside. For this reason, VPN is used to solve. VPN can reduce connecting cost and useful for communication between site. Moreover VPN can support for expanding of company in the future.

Keywords: Company executives can use external systems / VPN



The purpose of the company’s software was developed in only one language. Therefore the problem has been gathered then analyze to find solutions. The program solve the storage problem which include details related to the work of the food court system. Firstly problem collecting and then CS&M design screen which follow with HCI principle. In a development process, C# was used for programming and MySQL was use for database management. This software on reduce error such as operating and melee more efficiency for end user.

Keyword: Management System / Software Development / Food Court System

12. Support System Website for Customer Service of Crossingsoft Co.,Ltd


This cooperative project is designed to support system website for customer service of Crossingsoft Co.,Ltd. This program is created for convenience to report problem of the customer service system such as user cannot access, systems mulfuction, system data transmission is delayed. This program provides benefits for employee and customer will convenient to contact and decrease issue of communication. The team solved problem by developed these program, Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 and using C# language and MVC technology for develop program and Microsoft Sql Server 2012 for database management.

Keywords: Report Problem / Contact / Management system

13. Data Recording System and Reporting to Support Application Services Messenger Post


The purpose of this cooperative project focusing on the data recording system and supporting the application services Messenger Post used for data logging and reporting. By using the program Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 for designing screen and MongoDB for manage the database, it is found that the system is useful for data logging, service rate, compensation, locations, frequently asked questions and report the statistics to support application services Messenger Post.

Keywords: Recording / Reporting / Support

14. A Comparative Study of Software and Wireless Linked of Siriraj Center of Telemedicine


The Siriraj Center of Telemedicine is an organization which offer programs to accommodate distance meetings and conferences. The purpose of this center is to supply teaching and educational materials specifically related to the medical field. The meetings and conferences is done via electrical devices that can be used both inside and outside the country. According to this system, there are many software that provide easy access to the necessary materials. Not only that but there are two different types of devices, one is wireless and the other one with a cord attached, the idea of this study is to compare the difference between the three softwares, Skype, Polycom RealPresence desktop and WebEx. The wireless connection is set out to detect the problems within the process of sending video and audio transmission, it also reduce the use of equipments and allows which cause to increase a fast, safe and accurate access of the industries materials.

Keywords : conferences / wireless / software

15. Data Management System of Jabjai Corperation Co.,Ltd.


This cooperative project is designed to help the management system program of Jabjai Corporation Co.,Ltd. This program are created for convenience to storage information such as image, document file etc. This program helps storage files type to be orderly and reduce problems information lost because it does not have a correct storage. This program applied from Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 to developed management system program and Microsoft SQL Server 2016 for database management system.

Keywords: Management system program/ Information management/ Database

16. Monitoring System for Computer Network Status


The company operates as a provider of broadband Internet access. There is an internet service area covering all provinces. They can connect to the internet to the nationwide. This internet service can be connected through all communication channels, including: Leased Line, MetroLAN network that connects the office network in the leading center of Bangkok with speeds ranging from 10 Mbps on a 10 Gbps Fiber Optic network. The company is focused on high quality and stable services. Bandwidth management is tailored to the customer’s demand. These caused the Internet connection to fail because many customers who use the service it made a mistake. It is found that the problem was solved by designed an internet link monitoring system by the Cacti program, which allowed all staff to check the status of the customer’s Internet link and so quickly correct it quickly to serve the customers demand.

Keywords: Cacti program / monitor internet link status / better service

17. Development of Electronic Commercials Online Website


N-Connect was established in 2014 as a subsidiary of EP & IT SOLUTION Co., Ltd. Company provide solutions in the area of Network, Server and Storage which brings a variety of work into the company. The company has a website to mediate the order without contacting the company directly. But this website out of date. Therefore, the site cannot continue to maintenances. The team was assigned to develop a website to replace the original site. The development program consists of Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 for website development. Development language is ASP.NET and database management system is SQL Server. So that the site is reliable, easy to use, and it’s easy for administrators to update content.

KEYWORD: Electronic Commercials / ASP.NET / Website Development

18. System design available at all times with High Availability of EP & IT Solution Co.,Ltd


EP & IT Solutions Co., Ltd. was established as an information technology business. This company started with computer and network system and provided solutions in the area of Network, Server, and Storage. The Manager had foreseen the data becomes lost and cannot be recovered when devices in network system has error while using. This problem was solved by High Availability (HA) technique in virtual computer technology. This technology makes the system available at all times to solve problems of data loss. Networking is also available all the time and can be more effective.

Keywords : High Availability, Network System, Virtual Computer

Co-op Information Technology – IT

Information Technology – IT

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