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Graduate School – Master of Engineering in Engineering Program (M.Eng.)

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  1. An Analysis of Investment for Water Usage from the Water Treatment System

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  1. The Development of an Electronic Documentation Management System in the Construction Office
  2. A Study to Propose the Online Disbursement System
  3. A study of imortant factors for service selection in the spa business
  4. Guidelines for the Green Campus Development
  5. air Chiller Control system by web Technology
  6. Defects Reduction in the auto spare part production
  7. Defect reduction in the board front door trim manufacturing process
  8. Duration Estimation of Bridge Maintenance in the rural roads
  9. A Study for continuous quality improvements in Pharmaceutical Industry – A case study of a Human Medicinal products factory
  10. Loss Reduction in Wire Rod Production
  11. GPS development to monitor electricity meters
  12. Loss reduction in Milk Production by QQC
  13. The Cold storage products refrigeration system improvement
  14. A Study to Reduce Building Sanitary Installation Problems
  15. The High Speed Internet Service Fault Recurrent Prevention Plan
  16. A waste management study for scraps construction materials
  17. Project cost planning and monitoring with EVA
  18. The study in influent factors generating defects in manufacturing process of fiber filters
  19. Building electric system bidding process improvement
  20. The Reduction of Excess Motorcycle Tires Packing Material
  21. Safety Management in the Construction of Industrial Buildings
  22. Mistakes Reduction for Structural Shop Drawings
  23. Contracted Cost Reduction for Electric Train Maintenance System
  24. A Design of Waste Water Treatment Pond in Animal Feed Plant

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[fruitful_tab title=”1. Inventory Management Improvement in the Production of Soft Slings” ]


The objective of this study is to improve the inventory management system for the production of Soft Sling by visual control technique for the ease to understand and observe the FIFO system which can help to prevent long lasting
stocks. This is to analyze the customer data, to group the stocks and to use information technology to help managing the inventory. From the study, it is revealed that various problems are solved in term of better operations for stock receiving, warehousing and dispatching. Operational mistakes are reduced by 85%. Storage area is tidier and improved by 38 % resulting a more smooth and higher potential for inventory management operations.
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[fruitful_tab title=”1. Motivation Factors Improvement in Construction Industry” ]


In the Construction Industrial Organizations, working employees tend to work hard and are under pressure to work under TQC (Time, Quality, Cost) concepts. The successful organization which can achieve their defined goals will need several important motivation factors. Employee is a very important one. Since employee is the most import resource who can help to drive the organization to operate efficiently and is a major force in bringing the organization forward to achieve the targets. The aims of this study is to identify the factors that can motivate employees in the construction industrial organization to meet their demands and increase their working efficiency.

The individual study sample groups are ideas from 500 employees of a case study company by using questionnaires to acknowledge and improve motivation factors. The questionnaire is designed to collect and analyze motivation factor data that may affect the working performance.

From the study, it is found that important motivation factors include: job conditions, working environment, career paths and staff relationship while salary is just a minor motivation factor.
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[fruitful_tab title=”2. A Study of Marketing Tactics for Lubricant Products”]


In the competitive Lubricant Products business, the most important strategy for business success is the customer focus. Since, there exist choices for buying decision, the marketing tactic study is the main theme in this strategy.

The study approaches that aim on the marketing methodology and the people development together with customer impressive relationship and communication channels are the most efficient tools for the design of the marketing process which will be appropriate matching to the company in terms of products characteristics and quality, easy access and sales promotion activities that make customers buy the products more quickly.

From the study and implement of marketing tactic for the Lubricant Products supplier starting from the presale, service during and after sales that are different from the other competitor, the sales volume continuously increase and the customers are impressed. This leads to an improvement on company’s sales operation and selling figures increase from previous performance by 11.5 %

By : Miss.Kamonwan Tepsuwan
Degree : Master of Engineering
Major Field : Engineering Management
Thesis Advisor: Asso. Prof. Dr. Vanchai Rijiravanich

[fruitful_tab title=”3. An Improvement on the Computer Operation Room Utilization Rate”]


Base on the usage data of the computer operation rooms in the university building in the case study was found that the number of students using the room with the capacity of the room is not appropriate. This study aims to improve room occupancy and occupancy rates of the computer operation rooms to maximize utility.
This study compares the condition of the use of computer operation rooms space between the numbers of students using the actual room at each time period versus the room capacity by analyzing the occupancy rate and the actual number of hours that the room is registered in 1 week then adjusts room rates by improving scheduling based on multiple partition allocation concepts.
The results of the study before the improvement showed that the room utilization rate (RUR) of computer operation rooms per week was 66.44 percent and the space utilization rate (SUR) per week was 12.99 percent. After the improvement the room utilization rate of computer operation rooms per week increased to 77.78 percent and the space utilization rate per week increased to 14.57 percent

By : Mr. Tanatat Monmongkol
Degree : Master of Engineering
Major Field : Engineering Management
Thesis Advisor : Asso. Dr. Vanchai Rijiravanich


[fruitful_tab title=”4. An Improvement on the Building License Issuance Case study_Naiklongbangplagod Subdistrict Administrative Organization”]


Construction/Modification/Memolition License issuance by Naiklongbang-plagod Subdistrict Administrative Organization to the public within the period provided for up to 30 days. This study aims to propose ways to reduce the time for issuing the license.

In this study, the guiding principles of work study to analyze the cause of the problem and formulate guidelines to regulate the service to meet the requirements of the people And reduce the steps and time for the public service.

The results showed that it can reduce the time to issue license to people down to only 14 days. For satisfaction result, there are three aspects: public servicer (3.59), service process (3.35) and infrastructure (3.43). All is in good satisfaction score.

By : Mr.Chachchon kiatsirisakun
Degree : Master of Engineering
Major Field : Engineering Management
Thesis Adviser : Asst.Prof.Dr.Chalermkiat Wongvannichtawee

[fruitful_tab title=”5. Comparison of Two-Dimensional Drawing Programs and Building Information Modeling (BIM) for Retail Store Construction Drawings in Thailand.”]


This thesis is a comparative study of the use of two-dimensional drawing programs and Building Information Modeling (BIM) method for Retail Store Construction Drawings in Thailand. The purpose of this study was to compare the level of opinions and the factors that significantly influenced the construction drawings from both methods.
Use a method of collecting information from people who are related to the construction model of a private company. The statistics used were descriptive statistics such as frequency , percentage , mean , mode , standard deviation and inferential statistics. Configure 95% confidence by using statistics to test the difference in mean by t-test.
The study found that most respondents benefited from drawing construction model by Building Information Model (BIM) instead of traditional two-dimensional programming methods in terms of quality and accuracy. Reduce the duplication of work agencies more effectively. Reduce errors / detect conflicts of construction before pre-construction. Help to understand the construction work better. Helps to estimate the cost and building materials better. Use a less of time to drawing construction model and use to be a communication tool for presentation 3D construction with other agencies that not related to the construction work such as purchasing department , owner of the building. So BIM is an alternative to current construction drawing that help to enhance the quality of construction drawing in Thailand’s retail stores in the future.
By : Mr. Katawut Limphongsathorn
Degree : Master of Engineering
Major Field : Engineering Management
Thesis Advisor : Dr.Thakonlaphat Jenjiwattanakul
Co-Advisor : Asst. Prof. Dr. Rathavoot Roothankun

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[fruitful_tab title=”6. A Study of Construction Criteria for the Charging Stations “]


From the Government’s Policy to encourage the use of the Electric Vehicle (EV) transportation instead of Fuel Vehicle, the sufficiency of the electric charging stations are the main part of the policy support. This study aims to consider the criteria which comply with government Security Measure requirement and international standard to be used as a guideline for efficient electric charging stations construction.

The safety condition. So the details of standard, law, and regulation of gas station as well as electric charging station should be clarified and followed. The study analyze the gas station safety law together with local and international standard and compare the important factors for electrical charging stations.

The result of the study is in the form of a report of Construction Criteria for charging station within a gas station which can be used for guideline to construct a charging station for Electric Vehicle conforming to safety standard and law together with all important factors for charging station such as electric charge controller, electric socket, and etc.

By : Mr. Supacheth Sirichaiya
Degree : Master of Engineering
Major Field : Engineering management
Thesis Advisor : Asst. Prof. Dr. Arthit Sode-Yome
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[fruitful_tab title=”7. Cable Production Design Program Development for Error Reduction.”]


In electrical cable production standard design, the problems of design formula and the lack of knowledge about machine capability are exist in factories. Such problems affect the production and quality of product. The objective of this study is to develop a computer program to design the standard for cable production.

The process of developing this program is to compile the formula used in the cable design, capabilities of the machineries within the company and Standard Reference requirements for production. This information will be used to determine the conditions for the electrical cable production standard design program development.

From this study, it is revealed that the conditions and formulas of the developed program are more accurate and with higher precision, conforming with actual production. The use of the program can eliminate all the previous production standard design error of about 7-10%.

Keyword: Cable Production , Development, electrical cable

Title : Cable Production Design Program Development for Error Reduction
By : Mr. Maroot Boonsup
Degree : Master of Engineering
Major Field : Engineering Management
Thesis Advisor : Asst. Prof. Dr. Arthit Sodeyome
Co-Researcher : Asst. Prof. Dr. Chalermkiat Wongvanichtawee



IS – Master of Engineering in Engineering Program (M.Eng.)

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