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Last modified: October 11, 2018
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Project Title  :  Inventory Management Application for Hospital
By : Mr.Prommin Kwansanit, Mr.Phoosis Wongjetjun
Advisor : Mr.Phoosis Wongjetjun
Degree : Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Engineering
Major : Computer Engineering
Faculty : Engineering
Semester / Academic year : 1  / 2017



This project is a web application development for a hospital inventory system. Typically, there are a main warehouse and sub warehouses for each department. Functions of the program are included issuing a purchase request, issuing a purchase order, goods receiving system, dispatch system to send goods to sub warehouse, inventory checking system. There are summary reports of each function. The purchase request system is responsible for issuing a purchase request to the ordering department in order to continue the order. The order issuing system is responsible for issuing the purchase order to the approver who in charge of order purchasing. The warehouse administrator then can submit the purchase order to suppliers. The supplier will deliver the goods to the warehouse, so warehouse officer can check the goods that made in the order compare with the goods that supplier sent. Next, the sub warehouse can submit requisition to the main warehouse in order to pick up the items. The program can check inventory in order to calculate how many products are still in the warehouse. The summary reports summarize information of each function. There are summary pages in the system including order purchase, items received for the main warehouse, picked up items of sub warehouse. Person who involved in the program is an administrators of the main warehouse. Delphi is used to develop the program and the HeidiSQL is used as database management system.

Keywords:  Warehouse, Delphi2007, Inventory.

  Inventory Management Application for Hospital

Faculty of Engineering, Siam University, Thailand



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