Telemedicine for Intervention Cardiology

Last modified: September 5, 2018
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Project Title  : Telemedicine for Intervention Cardiology


Advisor          :  Mr. Nitinai PhaisanpayaK

Degree           :  Information Technology

Major             :  Business Computer

Faculty          :   Information Technology

Semester / Academic year   :  3 /2559


“Centre for Distance Education Network and the Pathological agency services Information technology for teleconferencing” Teaching distance and telemedicine the Faculty of Medicine and have the project done in medical innovation conference call topic innovation of Telemedicine 4.0 in 17-18 November 2559 the organizer can choose to learn about Telemedicine for intervention Cardiology. Study done by the means of observation and practice in real situations and have the knowledge about the technical process contain with preparation equipment installation test the modus operandi of the related equipment network Telemedicine to serve as a guide or practices in primary information officer for the hospital. Healthcare Providers or those who need to know in making technology to maintain distance has been known and practiced in the real. The results of the study and practice, we found that the process of preparation and simpler but both may need the expertise or understanding of the connection devices. It may have delayed the work.

Keywords:  Telemedicine for Intervention Cardiology / telemedicine / medical technologies distance / technology

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