Color stickers indicate age

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Project Title  :  Color stickers indicate age
By                   :  Mernkwan Ponpaipan, Ms.Nantinee Thongorn
Advisor          :  Ms.Nantinee Thongorn
Degree           :  Bachelor of Arts in Hotel Studies
Major             :  Hotel Studies
Faculty          :  Liberal Arts
Semester / Academic year   :  3 /2016


JW Marriott Hotel Bangkok is considered as a 5-star hotel. It is the first “MARRIOT” hotel group in Thailand. The hotel is located in Sukhumvit Road – one of the central district of Bangkok. The hotel is classic on luxury, and impressive service with full-facility room, and awarded winning restaurants.

From the Cooperative Education at JW Marriot Hotel Bangkok in Cost Control department, the author has learned work about Hotel’s cost control, product lading, and food & beverage product stocking. The author had known the problem of product stocking in inventory store about the expiring product before the expiring date on the label. So, there was a project to solve the problems by creating color sticker to indicate expiring date. There were 2 colors of the stickers; red and green to identify expiring date and arrange the products for use to control hotel cost and solve expired product problems. To indicate the success of the project, the author created questionnaire to ask the satisfaction towards sticker project to involving departments. The results of evaluation were in high level. This project can be adapted for real working to reduce the expired product in stock inventory, and be a part of hotel cost control as well.


Keywords:  Colored stickers.

Color stickers indicate age

Faculty of Liberal Arts, Siam University, Thailand

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