How to utilize the ingredients effectively

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Project Title  :  How to utilize the ingredients effectively
By                     : 
Sirapob Hachawarun, Pattarawat Nindum, Mr.Suntorn Sornkijdee
Advisor          : 
Mr.Suntorn Sornkijdee
Degree           : 
Bachelor of Arts in Hotel Studies
Major             : 
Hotel Studies
Faculty          : 
Liberal Arts
Semester / Academic year   : 
2 /2016


This study investigates the transformation of food wastes into a new kind product. Students observed that there are plenty of bakery left over at the seminars and meeting. At this point, we thought that they can be transformed or recycled to a new product in order to reduce waste and make value added back to the hotel

The objectives of this study are: (1) to increase bakery product line to increase the number of customers, (2) to reduce bakery waste during the processes, and (3) to study the taste of “Bread Butter Pudding”. By participation of this cooperative program, students were assigned to work as a “helper bakery” in the bakery department. We handled and refill foods and bakery to serve the customers’ demands. Eventually, the results showed that 21 customers’ satisfied and 9 people dissatisfied with this new product. It suggests that sugar used in the product should be lessened in order to satisfy more customers.


Keywords:  Bread, Pudding.

How to utilize the ingredients effectively

Faculty of Liberal Arts, Siam University, Thailand

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