Marketing & Business Development Internship at Cannagen Co, Ltd

Last modified: April 11, 2024
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Title: Marketing & Business Development Intern :Cannagen Co,. Ltd.
Author: Bishnu Bawonmethichai
Advisor: Mr. MD.Sabbir Hossain
Degree: Bachelor of Business Administration Program in International Business (International Program)
Major: B.B.A. (International Business)
Faculty: International College
Semester/Academic year: 1/2023



This report synthesizes the experiences and results of a four-month internship in the Marketing and Business Development department at Cannagen Co., Ltd., a leading company in the cannabis industry. The main goal of this internship is to expose interns to the diverse world of cannabis marketing and business development. It provides valuable insights into this rapidly evolving sector.

Key responsibilities include participating in digital marketing campaigns. Conduct market research to understand consumer trends in cannabis use. and help develop new business strategies for product distribution and market expansion. A key project involved conducting qualitative research to identify gaps in Cannagen’s market access efforts.

These findings highlight the need for a more targeted marketing approach tailored to different consumer segments within the cannabis market. From these insights A multi-step plan was proposed to improve Cannagen’s marketing strategy.

This internship provides invaluable experience in understanding the complexities of marketing and business development in the cannabis industry. Foster a deep appreciation of the challenges and opportunities within this unique sector. Core experience includes participation in strategic projects and initiatives. Adapt to a constantly evolving market and collaborate within a variety of professional environments.

คำสำคัญ: Cannabis industry, marketing strategies, business development

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