Old Building renovation management problem

Last modified: August 18, 2018
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Author: Sathit Yamsiriwong

Co-operative Education Preparation:  Rathavoot Ruthankorn

Major: Civil Engineering

Bachelor degree: Engineering

Academic Year: 3/2016


This cooperative project offers a useful experience in control. and construction inspection the company is responsible for both the structural work, renovation work at Grand Emperor Asset Development (Limited) is a project, we worked as site engineer, assistant engineer, inspection and construction controller, with control and inspection of construction work such as work inspection (Renovation) for example, tiling practice, structural work ,and other works.

The experience gained in this internship gives us an ides of how to control, construction and inspection of the defect of contractor, and to know the real problems in construction and solutions. we know how to choose the right equipment to work on, have the skills to solve the construction site problems, All assignments have been thoroughly presented in this cooperative project.

Keywords : (Renovation) / ( Site Engineer ) / (Building)


Old Building renovation management problem

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