Spicy Thai fruit salad with chicken roll

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Project Title  :  Spicy Thai fruit salad with Chicken Roll
By                   :  Tanapat Teeranantaraporn, Ms.Sani Sadakorn
Advisor          :  Ms.Sani Sadakorn
Degree           :  Bachelor of Arts in Hotel Studies
Major             :  Hotel Studies
Faculty          :  Liberal Arts
Semester / Academic year   :  3 /2016


Presently, Papaya salad or Somtam is a famous food in Thailand and around the world. Papaya salad can be adapted with others food perfectly. In the practice of cooperative education at Saim@Saim Design Hotel Bangkok, located in the heart of Bangkok. The hotel has kitchens in many forms. This project started from 15 May to 25 August 2017. The author have were training at the kitchen department and assigned the task of making papaya salad for guests to stay in the hotel, The author have been interested in the project about papaya salad, and I got inspiration from the remaining fruit from the guest’s breakfast It makes a project of Spicy thai fruit salad chicken roll. The project collected the data by distributing questionnaires to 20 hotel employees. It is found that the the menu is Spicy Thai fruit salad with chicken roll are acceptable to all employees.


Keywords:  Spicy Thai fruit salad with chicken roll, Papaya salad.

Spicy Thai fruit salad with chicken roll

Faculty of Liberal Arts, Siam University, Thailand

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