The customer service of account executives position in Issue design corporation co.,ltd.

Last modified: October 12, 2017
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This report is a part of the study program of the Cooperative Education Project. Annual academic year 2017, Bachelor Degree, corporate practice in the topic, Customer Management Process, role of customer management. The Issue Design Corporation, in year 2017 aims to bring practical knowledge to the future, with the Issue Design Corporation working in the fashion, on various types of online media, it serves as the intermediary between the goods that are needed to be advertised, in the form of fashion and advertising on the site of, a website under the control of Issue Design Corporation, to provide the most targeted information to the target audience.
Based on this Cooperative Education study, the process of customer management is very important, a factor that persuades our customers to buy our media, to serve as an intermediary advertising. So, once you’ve worked with your customers, understand what your style of work will be, and we’ll send the resume to the media department, as well as to the article’s writers and then coordinate systematically.
The results of the study and the benefits gained from the practice have gained many benefits and experiences.
1. From the actual work in the field of communication, thinking process and planning.
2. Working with other people in the organization systematically and having good human relations, resulting in a preliminary experience, to work systematically in the future.
3. Have a flair for solving immediate problems fluently.

Keywords: Advertising / Communication / Coordination
Student: Bootsarin Wangboon
Co-operative Education Preparation: Ekkasit Auychaiwat
Major : Advertising
Bachelor degree: Communication Arts
Semester / Academic Year: 3/2559

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