The Development of US Visa Application Guideline

Last modified: September 8, 2018
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Project Title  :  The Development of US Visa Application Guideline
By                  :  Nichakorn Wongtaweesub, Arisara Rujichaiyawat, Ms.Prempree Poosirikoolrat
Advisor          :  Ms.Prempree Poosirikoolrat
Degree           :  Bechelor of Arts in Tourism Studies
Major             :  Tourism Studies
Faculty          :  Liberal Arts
Semester / Academic year   :  2 /2016


The Development of US Visa Application Guideline is aimed to examine the procedure of US Visa Application , to study problem and obstacle in US Visa Application and to propose US Visa Application Guideline. Whatever the purpose of travelling to US, tourist must prepare document and evidence correctly and completely because US Embassy is very strict for information checks.

Results reveal that rejects of US Visa Application were caused by both customers and employees of Brawn Travel Mart Company Limited in relation to the lack of knowledge and understanding in filling the data in the visa application form due to cumbersome procedure. If the application is not filled in correctly, This will be a waste of time and expense as US visa application fee is high.

This project offers information about guidelines to resolve the obstacles and problems in applying for a visa and reduce mistakes occurred during the procedure. The positive impacts is to speed up the efficiency of work for employees and give confidence to the organization.


Keywords:  US Visa application.

The Development of US Visa Application Guideline

Faculty of Liberal Arts, Siam University, Thailand
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