Car Spare Parts Shop System

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Project Title  :  Car Spare Parts Shop System
By :  Supatsara Saowkeaw, Attapon ChaiChuChert, Nirin Chunhajan, Mr. Unnop Kangkan
Advisor : Mr. Unnop Kangkan
Degree : Bachelor of Business Administration
Major : Business Computer
Faculty : Information Technology
Semester / Academic year : 2/2017



The objectives of the project was to develop more convenient Car Spare Parts Shop System and reduce working steps as well as more effective work. The old system, a manual system, was improved by analysis and program design. The developed program was tested and improved for application. The program used for the Car Spare Parts Shop System were Microsoft Visual Studio 2010. In addition, Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 was implemented for database management. The system can be used for recording various types of data including data employees, data inventories, data distributors, data goods ordering, data goods receipt, and data claim. Moreover, the system can be used to issue different reports, for example, sales summary reports, order summary reports, claim summary reports. Hence, the newly system will benefit to more effective business operation.


Keywords:  Car spare parts shop, System development, Database system.

  Car Spare Parts Shop System

Faculty of Information Technology, Siam University, Thailand


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