Document Storage by excel in Rohasuwanawil Group Co, Ltd.

Last modified: September 11, 2018
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Project Title  :  Document Storage by excel in Rohasuwanawil Group Co, Ltd.
By                   :  Phuthana Weranantanakorn, Dr.Kwanjai Aunahawattanapaibul
Advisor          :  Dr.Kwanjai Aunahawattanapaibul
Degree           :  Bachelor of  Business Administration
Major             :  General Management
Faculty          :  Business Administration
Semester / Academic year   :  3 /2016


This  cooperative  report  investigates  the  performance  of    Rohasuwanawit  Group  co.,  ltd, which is performing a record all document manually by hand. This take up a lot of time to searching for the right document. The author have introduced the company to use Microsoft Excel to record all documentation for the company. Beginning with 1. Conduct a data table and label all the subject to be input in., 2. Record all the information in the customer information., 3. Create a folder for the record., 4. Record all the purchasing order from the customer in the It is found that Microsoft Excel that have been  created.  Microsoft  Excel  can  separate  and  order  all  the  categories  of  the  document  accurately and efficiently as well as reducing error in the document and process of work.

Keywords: Data recording, Microsoft Excel

Document Storage by excel in Rohasuwanawil Group Co, Ltd.

Faculty of Business Administration, Siam University, Thailand

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