Impact of organization culture on job satisfaction at Dhaka Wasa

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Project Title: Impact of organization culture on job satisfaction at Dhaka Wasa
Author: Mr. Faroque Ahmed
Advisor: Dr. Vijit Supinit
Degree: Master of Business Administration (International Program)
Major: International Business Management
Faculty: Graduate Schools
Academic year: 2017


Ahmed, Faroque. (2017). Impact of organization culture on job satisfaction at Dhaka Wasa. (Independent study, Master of Business Administration). Bangkok: Siam University.


The perseverance of the contemporary exploration was to see the sights the impression of organizational culture on the job satisfaction, operative’s assurance as well as the preservation of the personnel in the association. This revision undercover with carriage straight as well as unforeseen
consequence of administrative culture for employment satisfaction that’s should be situated persuade employment presentation that strength be correspondingly predecessor of trustworthy, imagination, self-motivation on time, efficiency with efficiency in addition become a smaller amount of throughput predisposition with predictable performances. The research was based on primary data, and this investigation was conducted on the operative’s employed in not the same organizations within terrain of a Government association that name is Dhaka WASA in Bangladesh. The problematic are there that originate personnel turnover proportion is as a result in elevation those was self-same unscrupulous impression for that association that originate over and done with Relationship investigation assessment was functional through SPSS to discovery out the consequences of exploration. Results indicated that nature of organization significantly effects on profession satisfaction in addition turnover intentions, demotivation, and dissatisfaction. The real scenario is that, there was not had an appropriate HR policy or constitution that would be measured employee’s job performance, which is the vital part of organizational culture. So the findings of research proved that organizational culture is important element which highly influences the employee commitment with organizational cultures, job satisfaction and retention.

The rudimentary strategy of the revision was that, at first We was decide that which elements should be responsible to influence through organizational culture and essential to measures at job satisfaction and then those was chronologically select to making an appropriate pattern of questioner. The questioner was prepare throughout weighted average formulaic process. And then that questioner was sent to the WASA employees through e-mail, but my targeted employees was entry-level as well as mid-level. A total of 55(Fifty Five) persons respond out of 80(Eighty) employees in addition then 50(Fifty) would be situated collected for analyzed. Later gathering data, we was put on the weighted average formula and then got result for to making decision through Hypothesis forecast philosophy.

As a result we was unambiguous that, only organizational culture responsible for a sophisticated wisdom curve, to be advanced performer, even to be additional dependable, constructing innovative drudgery cultural, insolent contributor’s from the beginning. Not only that, If the culture should be friendly and more stable then employees thinks that this organization will be a gold watch for him/ herself. It becomes an appropriate leadership back ground between employees and create ongoing relationship bridge among employers-employees. And then organization would be the best dynamic alliance through job satisfaction.

The organizational philosophy should be establishing what is expected as well as value at work. In addition, it’s should be created durable culture that had moderating consequence on the linkages between culture’s and employee’s roles. However, as a final point, only the best HR run-through should
be generate applicable organizational culture which would be enormous with ductility for operative’s employment satisfaction to the organization.

Keywords:  Impact of organizational culture, job satisfaction, Employees, Retention, Motivation, Dhaka WASA.

Impact of organization culture on job satisfaction at Dhaka Wasa

International Master in Business Administration (IMBA), Siam University, Bangkok, Thailand

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