Study on the Marketing Strategy of Zhonghao Hotel

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Title: Study on the Marketing Strategy of Zhonghao Hotel
Author: Li Jiang
Advisor: Dr. Liao Zhigao
Degree: International Business Management
Major: Master of Business Administration
Faculty: บัณฑิตวิทยาลัย (Graduate School)
Academic year: 2566 (2023)
Published: The 7th STIU International Conference “Leadership & Social Sustainability in the Tech-Driven Era” on 19-21 August 2023


With the continuous development of the market economy, the competition in the hotel industry had gradually intensified, through the change of marketing strategy to reflect their own advantages was an effective way to enhance the popularity of the hotel. This study took Zhonghao Hotel as an example, the objectives of this study were: 1) To analyze the marketing status of Zhonghao Hotel based on SWOT analysis; 2) To analyze the market positioning of Zhonghao Hotel; 3) To analyze the 4P strategy of Zhonghao Hotel.

This study applied documentary method to investigate the marketing strategy of Zhonghao Hotel based on SWOT analysis, STP theory, and 4P theory, and analyzed the marketing environment, positioning, and 4P strategy of Zhonghao Hotel. The study found that: 1) Through SWOT analysis, Zhonghao Hotel possessed the advantageous attribute of a superior geographical location; however, their management quality was subpar. The opportunities and challenges that presented themselves were primarily centered around enhancing urban awareness and mitigating the economic crisis caused by the epidemic; 2) Through STP analysis, Zhonghao Hotel was to create brand image in the target market through effective differentiation; 3) Through 4P analysis, Zhonghao Hotel chose a combination strategy for its product direction. The pricing strategy used differential pricing, and the channel strategy relied on a distribution channel model. For promotion, advertising and public relations were the main focuses.

Keywords: hotel marketing strategy, SWOT analysise, STP theory, 4P theory, Zhonghao Hotel.

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Master of Business Administration (International Program), Siam University, Bangkok, Thailand

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