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Last modified: November 1, 2018
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Project Title  :  Web Siamdontrithai
By                   :  Miss.Natsinee Nakprsaert, Mr.Theerapol  Tachawongwanit, Miss.Veena  Chotchaung, Mr.Eak  Bamrungsi
Advisor          :  Miss.Veena  Chotchaung, Mr.Eak  Bamrungsi
Degree           :  Bachelor of Science
Major             :  Computer Science
Faculty          :  Science
Semester / Academic year   :  3 /2017


Land sports & music logo is a manufacturer, importer and distributor of music and sports equipment both within the country and abroad. Currently, the company entered a new address at any time, Which has a technical problem in the system. The student proposed the concept of Web development Thailand Siam music to gain access more easily without having to log on. Users can choose to buy the item, chat with the administrator, and add or delete items. The findings revealed web development with PHP language Thailand Siam music tool is successfutly used in Web development.

Keywords:  Web, Musical Equipment, Sports Equipment.

Web Siamdontrithai

Faculty of Science, Siam University, Thailand

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