What to Eat Application on Android Platform

Last modified: February 5, 2021
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Project Title  : What to Eat Application on Android Platform
By : Boonyarit Rousamran, Worayot Khamlue, Miss Janya Yamcharoen
Advisor : Miss Janya Yamcharoen
Degree : Bachelor of Science
Major : Computer Science
Faculty : Science
Semester / Academic year :  2  / 2017



The objective of the project is to develop What To Eat application which runs on Android platform for introducing the restaurant to the individual. The personalized recommendation is based on the type of the food preferences and the food ingredients that cause allergic reactions in the same person by the study from training data set is included from questionnaire at the similarity value is 1.98-2.00. And to develop the restaurant search system with personalized analysis. The system consists of three parts: Part one is a web application for administrator to manage the master data, Part two is an Android mobile application for restaurant users, and Part three is an Android mobile application for consumer users to define their personal data for analysis to find the right restaurant. The development of the system is divided into two parts: 1. Backend System developed by using Java to create functions for mobile applications and use MySql to be database management system and 2. Frontend System is a mobile application on the Android platform developed with Android SDK.


Keywords:  Restaurant, Personalized analysis, Similarity value.

  What to Eat Application on Android Platform

Faculty of Science, Siam University, Thailand


addmission-siam university

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