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Bachelor Degree

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*Pending ไม่มี bookmarks Consumer Behavior and Search Engine Optimization in the Airlines Industry

*Pending ไม่มี bookmarks หน้า Certificate Client and sales handling at Adhikari Builders Pvt. Ltd

*Pending ไม่มี bookmarks Brand Recognition of HamroKart Online Store

*Pending ไม่มี bookmarks A Study of Sales Management at R.K Marbles India Pvt. Ltd

*Pending ไม่มี bookmarks Introduction to Data Analytics at Mero Lagani

*Pending ไม่มี bookmarks Fundamentals of customer management and data handling of Siprabi Securities

*Pending ไม่มี bookmarks Digital Marketing of a global online event in Nepal at Ascendifly

Financial Management at a Social Enterprise, Fight Back

A Process of Establishing a Local Trading Store: A Case Study of Rishav Trading, Itahari, Nepal

Accounting practices and Overall Insurance Process of a General Insurance Company: A Case Study of Lumbini General Insurance

Accounting and Financial Management Practices at IMS Group: Focusing on e-Business Operations

Profit Planning and Control Process for an Online Trading Store

Strategies development for creating the brand name in Herveda Botan

*Pending ไม่มี watermark ไม่มี bookmarks Operation management & marketing practices at Captain Outdoors Pvt. Ltd

*Pending ไม่มี watermark ไม่มี bookmarks Client and Sales Handling at Rising Mall

Relationship Marketing: A Case Study of The Leather Industry

Public Pension Reporting and Disclouser

Aspect of loan processing in Century Bank

Study on distribution strategy of Liana Trade Concern

Introduction to Corporate Journalism at New Business Age