Asset Management System (Case Study : Duangprateep Foundation)

Last modified: December 11, 2018
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Project Title  : Asset Management System (Case Study : Duangprateep Foundation)
By : Jaturaporn Thawonbundit, Mr.Eak Bumrungsi
Advisor : Mr.Eak Bumrungsi
Degree : Bachelor of Science
Major : Computer Science
Faculty : Science
Semester / Academic year :  1  / 2018



Duangprathep Foundation is a charity organization that conducts educational opportunities for underprivileged children in the slums. The Duang Prateep Foundation has had many office equipment since the founding of the foundation in 1978, but the asset of Duangprathep Foundation has not been prepared. It can not know the data of existing assets and can not manage the existing assets. The Duang Prateep Foundation has limited staff. There are no direct asset trustees. Most of the computers in the foundation are derived from donated from sponsors, making active computers less efficient than the market today and significantly differentiating computer performance. Therefore, it is appropriate to have a asset management system. To assist in managing and managing the asset of Duang Prateep Foundation for efficiency and maximum benefit.

The developers then develop their asset management system with web application technology. To support multiple users simultaneously, the web application can also support clients with different technology and less resources. The web application is optimized for this system.


Keywords:  Duang Prateep Foundation, Asset Management System.

  Asset Management System : (Case Study : Duangprateep Foundation)

Faculty of Science, Siam University, Thailand


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