Backup and Recovery System

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Project Title  :  Backup and Recovery System
By                   :  Siriwut  Pensiri, Mr. Narongrit  Sukonthasing
Advisor          :  Mr. Narongrit  Sukonthasing
Degree           :  Bachelor of Business Administration
Major             :  Business Computer
Faculty          :  Information Technology
Semester / Academic year   :  2 /2017


EP & IT Solution Co., Ltd is an IT company related works for the design of systems and information technology infrastructure structure. Researcher found the problem issues of the company’s backup system. As the company has the important information such as financial data, employee information, etc.  The backup system is already in the primary IT support plan of the company.  Now, the company use backup software is called Veeam backup. This software specs to support only Virtualization VMWare. It’s unable to work in the system for a physical server permanently.

From the above problems, researcher has studied and collected data related to backup and data recovery and presents a new backup system to the company’s agent. It is called StorageCraft software, which is compatible with a physical server system.  This software program can do the backups more efficient, working fast in recovery data process in case of loosed data by company employees’ intent or unintended. The company’s data security will be strengthened, reliable data storage and customer trust.


Keywords:  Backup, Recovery, Data loss.

Backup and Recovery System

Faculty of Information Technology, Siam University, Thailand

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