Banquet System Web Application

Last modified: October 11, 2018
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Project Title  : Banquet System Web Application
By : Mr.Thitiruth Wijitsarn, Mr.Teerapong Charnchanaroj, Mr.Phoosis Wongjetjun 
Advisor : Mr.Phoosis Wongjetjun
Degree : Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Engineering
Major : Computer Engineering
Faculty : Engineering
Semester / Academic year : 1  / 2017



This project is a web application development to solve the problem of old reservations system the problem of coordination is difficult between the departments of the hotel and the customer often delay and mistakes in the process of organizing events. This web application developed to respond to the application. Customers can view the pictures of the event via the web application and customers can register by yourself. Can choose the engagement or the wedding reception which have 6 steps as 1) choose the date of the event 2) choose type of event 3) choose menu packages 4) choose floor plan 5) choose backdrop and logo 6) choose flower color theme. After that customer confirmed the order and payment. Reservations is complete. In addition, the booking information is kept more efficient. This web application contributes to comfort makes people in different departments of the hotel and customers communicate quickly and easily by using the program of Xampp version 3.2.2, which has Apache as a web server, phpMyAdmin is developed using the PHP language and powerful database management by MySQL.

Keywords:  Web Application, reservations system, PHP MySQL.

Banquet System Web Application

Faculty of Engineering, Siam University, Thailand


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