The Register Support Web Application

Last modified: October 11, 2018
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Project Title  : The Register Support Web Application
By : Mr.Rittikiert Sankamlang, Mr. Sarayut Intarasema
Advisor : Mr. Sarayut Intarasema
Degree : Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Engineering
Major : Computer Engineering
Faculty : Engineering
Semester / Academic year : 1  / 2017



The project is to develop a web application to support in study planning of students in the computer engineering department. The application records information as the registration system of the University do, but it has an objective of keeping the records for the department in order to let faculty in the computer engineering department access the records because the records in the University database cannot be used for reporting or doing some statistics. This brings the idea to develop the register planning supports web application used to keep information about school records of all students in the department. This web application is developed by using PHP and uses MySQL for keeping the records in the system.

Keywords:  Web Application, registration system, PHP MySQL.

The Register Support Web Application

Faculty of Engineering, Siam University, Thailand


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