Car insurance system (Case study IBSC broker Company Limited)

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Project Title  : Car insurance system (Case study IBSC broker Company Limited)
By : Nattasit Kamcham,  Miss.Thanaporn Rodcheewit
Advisor : Miss.Thanaporn Rodcheewit
Degree : Bachelor of Science
Major : Computer Science
Faculty : Science
Semester / Academic year :  2  / 2017



IBSC Broker Co., Ltd. is the service provider in car insurance. Therefore, we have developed the insurance purchasing system to facilitate the need of both customers and sales representatives. The communication over the telephone is error-prone and inefficiency. The customers can consult the sales representative and if satisfied can buy the policy using his or her credit card directly from the system. The system composed of two parts: database system and insurance policy cost checking. This system is web application adopt various technologies as MVC framework, web service and database system, and develop by C#, HTML5, CSS and SQL language.



Keywords: Car insurance, Buy car insurance, IBSC broker Company Limited.

 Car insurance system (Case study IBSC broker Company Limited)

Faculty of Science, Siam University, Thailand


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