Chantarakhet Mansion Management System

Last modified: February 5, 2021
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Project Title  : Chantarakhet Mansion Management System
By : Natakit  Angnanont, Miss Janya Yamcharoen
Advisor : Miss Janya Yamcharoen
Degree : Bachelor of Science
Major : Computer Science
Faculty : Science
Semester / Academic year :  1  / 2018



Chantarakhet Mansion, has operated for over ten years, thirty-four with for rent rooms. Present operation information technology use computer to assist in the operation. The current operation is manual and records data in a paper such as a contract, invoice, and bill, resulting delayed in time, data loss, calculation error in rent and electricity charge, and using a lot of time to create a report. Therefore, I have developed a Chantarakhet Mansion Management System to assist the operation for convenient, rapid, easy to find information and reduce the errors. To be developed as a web application and store data in a database that will support the future business expansion. The system developed with PHP, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS and manage the database with MySQL.

Keywords:  Apartment management system, Web application, Database system.

  Chantarakhet Mansion Management System

Faculty of Science, Siam University, Thailand


addmission-siam university

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