Cherry Whole Grain Pie

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Project Title  :  Cherry Whole Grain Pie
By                   :  Tanatat Panichtrakulpan, Ms.Nantinee Thongorn
Advisor          :  Ms.Nantinee Thongorn
Degree           :  Bachelor of Arts in Hotel Studies
Major             :  Hotel Studies
Faculty          :  Liberal Arts
Semester / Academic year   :  3 /2016


Mandarin Oriental Bangkok Hotel is a 5 star hotel located near Chao Phraya River at the central of Bangkok.Its room is comfortable for the guests that they can see the view of the river.Inaddition, it is convenient for travelling by public transit system both the boat in Chao Phraya River and BTS Sky train. The hotel has the intention to service the customers.The service included suite rooms, food rooms and buffet to the guests.

According to multi study project, student has a chance to be trained in bakery section. Upon the completion of this project, it can be found that the hotel us Whole-Grain to make Muesli in order to service customers as breakfast.As for breakfast, they have Pie Cherry as one item in menu.Therefore, Whole-Grain is later become a part of ingredient of Pie Cherry.It has been developed to new product for hotel namely Pie Cherry with Whole-Grain. It can up grade the value of food having pie powder.This can be used as sweetmeats for new choice of healthy people.

For data collection, student has arranged questionnaire to evaluate the appreciation of products. The method is assigned the staffs of bakery section to use the questionnaire in order to know the taste and character of pie including others benefit. According to evolution, it can be decreased its Whole-Grain to make its pie having further soft.


Keywords:  Pie Cherry, Whole-Grain, Muesli.

Cherry Whole Grain Pie

Faculty of Liberal Arts, Siam University, Thailand

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