Delay cleaning problem

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Project Title  :  Delay cleaning problem
By                   :  Lalita Lerdrojjanachusit, Ms.Sani Sadakorn
Advisor          :  Ms.Sani Sadakorn
Degree           :  Bachelor of Arts in Hotel Studies
Major             :  Hotel Studies
Faculty          :  Liberal Arts
Semester / Academic year   :  3 /2016


Hotel business or hotel management has been to increasingly important to the needs of people who want to change the atmosphere. Due to the different nature of other types of business. It requires a process and procedures. In particular management All of the hotel’s accomplishments have to be managed and planned in a systematic manner and make customers impressed back to the service or to tell.

The student learn how to perform and deal with messy. It offers research on the problems of room cleaning. Which researched about “Delay Cleaning problem” to guide the personnel. Effective in developing a better business. Also to spot problems and solve problems. Including the application to maximize the benefits of the hotel business in the future.

It found that the staff at the Banyan Tree Hotel had the followed problems. Working age because less experienced staff will clean the room longer. And sometimes do not understand device usage. The length of cleaning depends on the experience of the staff, the staff and the size of the room, the larger the room may take, the less experienced the staff will be for longer. The most affected department is the Front office department, because it is the department that must wait for the user to know why the booked room is delayed until the user has to wait long. The hard-to-clean spot is the high point because most employees have a small body size, It is difficult to clean at a high point.


Keywords:  Cleaning, Room

Delay cleaning problem

Faculty of Liberal Arts, Siam University, Thailand

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