Learning Solar System with Augmented Reality Technology

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Project Title  : Learning Solar System with Augmented Reality Technology
By : Chitipat Parkasem, Wijittra Saisaeng, Miss.Veena Chotchuang
Advisor : Miss.Veena Chotchuang
Degree : Bachelor of Science
Major : Computer Science
Faculty : Science
Semester / Academic year :  1  / 2017



Nowadays, a smartphone plays an important role in people’s life. Apart from making a phone call, users gain more convenience from all kinds of functions available on a smartphone, for example, it can be used to support learning. Learning materials are not limited to textbooks because a smartphone is also considered as a one of learning media. Besides, 2D images that are usually found on traditional textbooks fail to capture learner’s interest; as a result, the researchers have designed a learning application that combines traditional textbook with AR technology (Augmented Reality). With AR application on Android system, 3D images of the solar system will appear on the phone once the phone camera is pointed at the textbook. Consequently, learners can enjoy the images on the application while learning, and possibly spend more time on learning with this AR application. Moreover, games and comprehension tests are included in this application. Autodesk, Maya, Unity, and Vuforia are software programs that were used to create this application to produce 3D images of the solar system to enhance learning experience.


Keywords: 3D images, The Solar System, Application.

 Learning Solar System with Augmented Reality Technology

Faculty of Science, Siam University, Thailand


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