Spa Shop Management System (Case Study : Ann’s Spa Shop)

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Project Title  : Spa Shop Management System (Case Study : Ann’s Spa Shop)
By : Pattarapol Nontakarn, Miss Janya Yamcharoen
Advisor : Miss Janya Yamcharoen
Degree : Bachelor of Science
Major : Computer Science
Faculty : Science
Semester / Academic year :  2  / 2017



In the present information technology has a role in everyday life and business who has the best information will advantageous. Ann’s Spa Shop which I have studied does not use any technology in the business operation in the current. That makes the mistake about delay in operation. Therefore, I have developed Spa Shop Management System for resolving the above problem. By using web application and database system technology to create the system. Recording the data in a database which DBMS is MySQL and web application developed in PHP, HTML5, JavaScript language. The system has been tested by the user and I have debugged the system by user’s comments.


Keywords:  Information technology, Spa, Web application.

  Spa Shop Management System (Case Study : Ann’s Spa Shop)

Faculty of Science, Siam University, Thailand


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