Study on Huawei’s Digital Transformation in the Digital Era

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Project Title: Study on Huawei’s Digital Transformation in the Digital Era
Author: Mr. Huang Zhouming
Advisor: Dr. Zhang Li
Degree: Master of Business Administration
Major: International Business Administration
Faculty: บัณฑิตวิทยาลัย (Graduate School)
Academic year: 2566 (2023)


2nd National and International Academic Conference Innovation and Management for Sustainability 15-16 December 2020, p.382-392.


     There is no doubt that after the epidemic and in the new infrastructure era, resilience will be re-examined in an uncertain environment, and digital transformation will be accelerated and the construction of highly resilient intelligent enterprises will be truly invincible in future market competition. As a top domestic smartphone company, Huawei has gradually become the focus of consumers at home and abroad in recent years. Faced with the continuous emergence of new technologies and the ensuing of new concepts, Huawei actually has a lot of confusion in the choice of how to achieve digital transformation. This paper uses the PESTEL analysis method of SM theory to analyze the external environment of the enterprise. Then establish the SWOT matrix through the SWOT analysis method to determine the strengths and weaknesses faced by the Huawei. And put forward several suggestions and development directions for this. Huawei needs companies to promote the digital transformation of business R&D and design, production and processing, operation management, and sales services by combining production, management, and sales with cloud computing, the Internet, and big data, thereby giving birth to new formats and new businesses. mode. At the same time, three research objectives are proposed. 1) To evaluate the impact of digital transformation services on the effectiveness of digital transformation in Huawei. 2) To investigate the challenges faced by Huawei in the context of the US ban and its impact on the company’s investment in independent research and development (R&D) and chip manufacturing. 3) To examine the strategies and approaches employed by Huawei to address the limitations imposed by the US ban and the absence of Google certification on its sales share in overseas markets.

This study hopes to provide some reference value for all companies that encounter digital transformation problems in the new era in solving related problems. So that companies after the epidemic can quickly restore their previous overall levels

Keywords: digital era, digital transformation, SWOT analysis, development reference value.

Study on Huawei’s Digital Transformation in the Digital Era

Master of Business Administration (International Program), Siam University, Bangkok, Thailand

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