Study on strategic transformation of YG overseas study agency

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Project Title: Study on strategic transformation of YG overseas study agency
Author: Mr. Wei Chen
Advisor: Doctor Titanan Sun
Degree: Master of Business Administration
Major: International Master of Business Administration
Faculty: Graduate Schools
Academic year: 2017


Wei, Chen. (2017). Study on strategic transformation of YG overseas study agency. (Independent study, Master of Business Administration). Bangkok: Siam University.


Education has always been an important strategic means in national economy, national international status rise, depends on the improvement of national quality, depends on the improvement of national human resources quality, and education is to improve the national quality, improve the national strength the necessary way of human resources. With the continuous development of the economy and the impact of the global storm, the economic level of our country can be improved rapidly. On the one hand, under the background of new era, has become increasingly broad vision of students in our country, the traditional teaching have been unable to meet the students’ thirst for knowledge, so the student study way also increasingly diversification and globalization, the study on the amount of investment proportion is more and more big, in order to realize own ascension and the broad vision, studying abroad has become one of the main way of college students to further their studies in China; On the other hand, the development mode of internationalization and globalization makes the traditional knowledge can not meet the needs of our country’s talents and compels some students to choose the international learning model. Studying abroad has become an important way for them to strengthen their own strength. So the team of studying abroad is growing gradually, and our country has even become the international scale of studying abroad. One of the largest countries. Under this trend, the overseas study agency team has been able to develop and grow. At the same time, there are many problems and defects, and there is a lot of disagreement about the attitude of the institutions. For all kinds of defects and deficiencies, the overseas study institutions should actively adopt the strategic transformation, provide better service for overseas students, and gain a foothold in the fierce market competition.

To alleviate the problems and defects existing in the agents, based on the study in industry development present situation, aiming at the shortcomings of the existing study abroad intermediary company, to explore the development trend of study abroad intermediary industry and to develop new development strategy for the company.At the same time, for study abroad intermediary company, also for the market to explore, master of education products, improvement of service concept, in order to improve the company’s market share to make transformation and breakthrough. Through analysis and research of this paper, to clarify the study abroad intermediary industry overall development trends, to study abroad intermediary industry competition analysis in detail, the author puts forward a new development strategy are engaged in this industry, is of great significance to the development of YG company. From the perspective of strategic management, this paper puts forward a new strategy to YG company goal, through the implementation of the new strategy, achieving the strategic transformation of YG company as a whole, so as to realize the strategy of differentiation and integration of the company.

Through the research, it can be found that YG company has insufficient experience in development, insufficient target country, and insufficient marketing capability. YG’s advantages are mainly service attitude and good customer feedback and strong product development ability. The disadvantages mainly include low brand awareness, lack of diversification of publicity strategies and lack of experience. Through these analysis we can conclude, promote the transformation of YG company needs from the following aspects, need from the original single intermediary to provide more additional service of the whole industry chain, from the assimilation of the original to differentiation. The strategy implementation of YG company needs to start from the aspects of human resource strategy, brand strategy, marketing strategy and financial strategy, so as to ensure the applicability and feasibility of YG’s development strategy.

Keywords:  Overseas study intermediary, Strategic transformation, Integration of services, Differentiation.

Study on strategic transformation of YG overseas study agency

International Master in Business Administration (IMBA), Siam University, Bangkok, Thailand

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