The Economic and Trade Impact of the One Belt and One Road on the People of China and Thailand

Last modified: September 5, 2018
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  • The Economic and Trade Impact of the One Belt and One Road on the People of China and Thailand
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TITLE The Economic and Trade Impact of the “One Belt and One Road” on the People of China and Thailand
AUTHOR Han Suyun
ADVISOR Dr.Chai Thanichanun
DEGREE Master of Business Administration
Major International Business Management
FACULTY Graduate School of Business


The “Belt and Road” is an abbreviation for “Silk Road Economic Belt” and “21st Centuiy Maritime Silk Road”. It is the strategic concept put forward by President Xi Jinping on the construction of the “Silk Road Economic Belt”. Thailand is a node country interconnected by China and ASEAN, and plays an extremely important role in the construction of the “Belt and Road” in China and Southeast Asia. Through the implementation and promotion of the “Belt and Road”, it has had a tremendous economic and trade impact on the lives of Chinese in Thailand and Thais in China.

The main purpose of this paper is to examine the impact of the “Belt and Road” on the economic trade between Thailand and China from the perspective of Thai people in China and Chinese in Thailand, and proposes some measures in the process of achieving the “One Belt, One Road” common goal. In promoting the ideas and views of China and Thailand to strengthen cooperation and avoid friction and avoid detours.

By examining the economic and trade impact of the “Belt and Road” on the Chinese and Thai people, this paper focuses on selecting two representative groups of Chinese in Thailand and Thais in China, and collected the “Belt and Road” before and after Zhongtai. The trade statistics of the two countries analyze the history and current situation of the influence of China-Thailand economic and trade development on the people, and summarize the cooperation strategies for implementing the “One Belt, One Road” issue for the economic and trade work of the Chinese and Thai peoples, and put forward their own ideas and Countermeasures. The application value and theoretical significance are aimed at providing theoretical support for the economic and trade influence between the Chinese and Thai peoples in the “One Belt, One

Road” regional economic and trade cooperation strategy from the perspective of economic and trade analysis and mathematical statistics. In the future, the hope is “One Belt, One Road”. It provides some help to the empirical analysis of the economic and trade impacts of the Chinese and Thai people.

This paper uses qualitative analysis and quantitative analysis. First of all, I collect other relevant data such as theoretical books, periodicals and periodicals related to the “Belt and Road” through methods such as library and web search. Secondly, through my two years of postgraduate study and life in Thailand, I experienced the changes brought about by the “Belt and Road” for China and Thailand. Finally, I investigated the changes that the “Belt and Road” brought to their lives by sending 200 questionnaires to Thais in China and Chinese in Thailand. I will summarize the 340 questionnaires on the changes and impacts of the “One Belt, One Road” for the Chinese and Thai people, and draw my own opinions on promoting the cooperation and avoidance between China and Thailand. The idea of friction and avoiding detours.

The conclusions of this paper include: The “One Belt, One Road” strategic concept strongly impacts and stimulates the cognition and imagination of the Chinese and Thai peoples, but the limitations of cognition limit their enthusiasm for participation and practical actions; the “Belt and Road” strategy The concept further strengthens the Chinese and Thai people’s vision of strategic cooperation, with common general directions and partial differences. Under the complicated international situation, the “One Belt, One Road” strategy is also brought to the people of China and Thailand. Some hidden worries have arisen; the “One Belt, One Road” strategic cooperation has brought hope and opportunities to the Chinese and Thai people, but it has also brought about a certain degree of national risk. It requires the governments of our two countries to prevent it in advance.

Keywords:  One Belt and One Road; China and Thailand; Strategic Planning; Economic and Trade influences; Economic and Trade Influence


Graduate School of Business.  Siam University.  Thailand
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