Unleashing Brand Potential through Innovative Digital Marketing Strategies at Project A

Last modified: July 10, 2024
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Title: Unleashing Brand Potential through Innovative Digital Marketing Strategies at Project A
Author: Tessa Rajthala
Advisor: ดร.วรรณรัตน์ วัฒนานิมิตกูล – Dr. Wannarat Wattananimitkul
Degree: Bachelor of Business Administration Program in Marketing (International Program)
Major: B.B.A. Marketing (International Program)
Faculty: Business Administration
Semester/Academic year: 2/2566 (2023)



This report looks at Tessa Rajthala’s experience during her internship at Project A. The focus is on Unleashing brand potential through innovative digital marketing strategies. The report begins with an overview of Project A, including its mission, vision, products, services and organizational structure. It then details Tessa’s job description, her responsibilities and her contributions during the internship.

The report identifies key issues facing the organization, such as low employee retention, limited clientele, slow processes, and communication barriers. Tessa reflects on how she overcame these challenges and makes recommendations for improvement. She explains what she learned during the internship, including applying knowledge from the courses to real-life situations and acquiring specific skills.

In her self-assessment, Tessa highlights her personal and professional growth during the internship and acknowledges the limitations of cooperative study. Finally, she makes recommendations for the future development of the company and thanks Project A for the valuable experience she has gained.

Keywords: Digital Marketing Strategy, Experiences, Project A, Internship

ดร.วรรณรัตน์ วัฒนานิมิตกูล – Dr. Wannarat Wattananimitkul, บธ.บ. (การตลาด) – B.B.A. (Marketing), บริหารธุรกิจ (Business Administration), บริหารธุรกิจบัณฑิต สาขาวิชาการตลาด – Bachelor of Business Administration Program in Marketing, 2/

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