An analytical study for creating methods to reduce the loss of management in the organization

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Project Title  :  An analytical study for creating methods to reduce the loss of management in the organization
By                   :  Siripheuk Saetiew, Mr. Nathapon Puttyangkura
Advisor          :  Mr. Nathapon Puttyangkura
Degree           :  Bachelor of Engineering
Major             :  Industrial Engineering
Faculty          :  Engineering
Semester / Academic year   :  3 /2014


This research was aimed to study the working process and analyze the problems occurring in the working process as well as to find a solution to improve and reduce the mistakes inside Kwung Vee Co.,Ltd., which is a medium-sized family business that supplies spare parts made in Thailand and other countries for electric appliances used in house.
Based on the study of the factory’s current working conditions, the standard of
communication and cooperation was still missing, which led to mistakes in the working process. These mistakes were caused by ineffective performance in various aspects such as employee performance, duplicate work, corporate communication, etc. To propose a proper solution for improving this situation through the consideration of the business owner and related persons under the conditions of budget and working period, the operation plan was divided into 3 phases including a short-term operation plan for the period of 1-4 months, a medium-term operation plan for the period of 4-12 months, and a long-term operation plan for 1 year and more.

Due to the limited period of time of the operation, the short-term plan was applied for the improvement by rearranging work procedure, flow process chart, and documentation as well as recording the time spent in each step. These actions improved work quality and time in the process of materials receipt for 11.72%, materials and spare parts distribution for 14.42%, product assembly for 9.47%, and maintenance operation for 8.39%. As for the medium and long term plans, if continuously applied as suggested, they will improve the performance to be more effective and reduce the amount of excessive expense and opportunity cost as much as 27 percent of the expected income.


Keywords:  Time Record Document of Work Procedure, Product Storage Location Document, Product Receipt Document.

An analytical study for creating methods to reduce the loss of management in the organization 

Faculty of Engineering, Siam University, Thailand

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