Analysis on the Relevance of High-Tech Industry R&D Investment to Profitability

Last modified: March 28, 2023
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Project Title: Analysis on the Relevance of High-Tech Industry R&D Investment to Profitability
Author: Miss Shi Susu
Advisor: Dr. Zhang Li
Degree: Master of Business Administration
Major: International Business Administration
Faculty: Graduate Schools
Academic year: 2022


Conference Proceedings
2nd National and International Academic Conference Innovation and Management for Sustainability 15-16 December 2020


Shi, Susu. (2022). Analysis on the relevance of high-tech industry R&D investment to profitability. (Master’s independent study). Bangkok: Siam University.


This article studied the correlation between R&D investment and the profitability of hightech industries. It was found that a strengthened emphasis on R&D investment improved the efficiency of enterprises, gave full play to the endogenous role of enterprises, and enhanced the scientific and technological talent resources and core competitiveness of those enterprises. The research method used was literary research and focused on two main points. First, by increasing research and development investment, enterprises can achieve technological innovation and differentiation advantages, form technical barriers, and continuously expand market share while reducing production costs and improving production efficiency, thus improving profitability. Second, researchers bring increased knowledge and cutting-edge technology to the company, thus improving product quality, increasing market share, and increasing the net cash flow of operating activities. Enterprises should strive to maintain a certain quality of patent rights and protection system, and preventing imitations can also become an effective way to increase profits. The results show that the correlation and influence factors between R&D investment and profitability can improve the competitiveness of hightech industries and achieve long-term development.

Keywords: research input, researchers, patents, profitability.

Analysis on the Relevance of High-Tech Industry R&D Investment to Profitability

Master of Business Administration (International Program), Siam University, Bangkok, Thailand

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